Refine your cove design with our new recessed perimeter ambient lighting luminaire ALS500T-SWM

The receding fixture that architects and lighting designers have been longing for is finally here. We have extended our recessed solutions in our alumLEDs series, and have launched a great new luminaire. We proudly introduce ALS500T-SWM with mud-in, t-bar, hard ceiling, and flange trims.


Indirect ambient lighting is preferred for a variety of benefits. Highly appreciated benefits include, beautiful indirect glow, glare reduction, wider and even distribution, comfortable vertical illumination, ease of installation, reduced lens maintenance and more.

ALS500T-SWM Launch




The distinguished ALS500T-SWM presents innovative features that elevate its performance and value bringing you the most unified refined look with indirect even illumination.




ALS500T-SWM integrates with ceilings and walls in multiple configurations.

ALS500T-SWM recedes into the perimeter of a ceiling and has the ability to evenly illuminate an entire room from its concealed location. It can also evenly illuminate an entire long hallway from only one perimeter side. The reflector in this product creates these capabilities and truly creates the essence of natural light that so many designers have been longing for. This solution reduces the indoor cave effect and instead radiates a more improved ambient illumination that resembles natural daylight.