Refine your cove design with our new recessed lighting luminaire ALS500T-DBR

The receding fixture that architects and lighting designers have been longing for is finally here. We have extended our recessed solutions in our alumLEDs series, and have launched a great new luminaire. We proudly introduce ALS500T-DBR with flange ceiling trim, t-bar ceiling trim, t-bar return ceiling trim, hard ceiling, and mud-in ceiling trim.


Indirect ambient lighting is preferred for a variety of benefits. Highly appreciated benefits include, beautiful indirect glow, glare reduction, wider and even distribution, comfortable vertical illumination, ease of installation, reduced lens maintenance and more.

ALS500T-DBR Launch




The distinguished ALS500T-DBR presents innovative features that elevate its performace and value bringing you the most unified refined look with indirect even illumination.




ALS500T-DBR integrates with ceilings in multiple configurations.

ALS500T-DBR creates uniform ambient lighting due to its ability to flawlessly recede into the ceiling creating a low glare atmospherere. When illuminating conference rooms and specific areas of the space, this solution eliminates dark spots in work spaces, reduces glare on work surfaces and computer screens. ALS500-DBR has hidden dual light sources that cast beautiful ambient lighting that is very close to natural daylight being filtered through the architecture.